Herb Zinser's Math, Physics, and Biochemistry Crime Reports

In year 2102, Science War EVENT analysis helps us understand some modern crimes ....as expressions of more basic existential entities that use human expressor agents.


What are some of these basic existential entities?


1 - the periodic atomic table of elements of life has many formats of expression.
One such format is a cellulose tree ..comprised of carbon atoms and molecules and other elements. Another format is the atomic, bio-physics HUMANOID structure; thus Nature's process of Darwinian atomic evolution ...... atoms evolved to become molecules .....and molecules evolved to become a humanoid.


What are some examples of human agents that represent atoms.

N = Nitrogen with atomic mass 14 --> the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet and the nitrogen cycle of BOTANY used by cellulose TREE and its growing process ..... thus the cellulose TREE BUD using mathematical decision trees DECIDED that aTREE BUD ought have a human friend...a BUDDY...and thus came into being the BUDDHIST religion ...a relationship between NATURE, the 14th Dali Lama, and the Buddhist community.


The relationship is not recognized by them nor by university philosophy departments.


However, they do recognize restuarant menus, clothing stores, and temples .... all of those things have their ultimate origin from food and materials provide by Nature and the sunlight process of photosynthesis. Thus we realize that the entire UNIVERSE was created for the sole purpose of serving these people and their thoughts: eat, pray, talk, etc.

Thus they are a frame of reference ..... a role model ..to teach children that the only objective of life....is to eat, pray, talk, etc.


Recognition of their atomic, bio-physics NATURE and their repsonsbilities in year 2102 communication protocol .... has yet to happen. Perhaps, their are some older and wiser OR younger and more educated ...that realize the concepts outlined above.


The above people are good or have good intentions .... but need to study BOTANY.

What happens ..when NATURE is angry over the problems in BOTANY political science and BOTANY theology ..... Nature uses the NITROGEN cycle to deliver ERROR messages .... using Drawin selection of some programmable bio-computer huamn brain ..that is progarmmed to use NITROGEN fertilizer to make a bomb and create a tragedy. From NATURE's social science systems point of view ..... the tragedy is a signal .....a system process control feedback signal. Thus we have a pattern ....repeated for linear systems and process control systems SPECIALISTS ..... that are not allowed to study the situation.


However, we see some tragic EVENTS that send a multiplicity of signals.


a) the Base 16 hexadecimal BOMBING tragedy of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Alabama.

b) the Base 16 and 8 data bits(byte) message of the 168 dead in the Federal Building BOMBING tragedy in Oklahoma City.

c) The Base 16 hexadecimal shooting on April 16 at Virginina TECH


Do computers exist? Does IBM use base 16 hexadecimal? Are DARPA and the Pentagon aware of number 16 and its importance in data processing? For you breath oxygen with atomic mass 16? Is the Base 16 address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue related to a BIGGER PICTURE of world systems?


Interesting philiosophy questions for year 2102 and beyond.



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