Queen Elizabeth and the Cavendish Labs Margaret Mead nuclear family - atomic anthropology Hierarchy Problem.



The periodic atomic table and its elements of life has a social science structure.

Hence, we have the Margaret Mead nuclear family ..... atomic social sciences and atomic political sciences.   Nature expects a rather accurate and clear explanation of this societal architecture from  university atomic anthropology departments. This has not occurred.


Lack of communication and lack of repsect for the atomic elements of life and their elementary atomic thoughts....seems to prevail. Hence the well-known Hierarchy Problem ....and elemenatry school shootings in the United States caused by Department of Energy atomic, bio-physics communications policy regarding major atomic social science philosophy ERRORS.


Let's look at Great Britain.


We had the IRON LADY, Prime MInister Margaret Thatcher,  in year 1982.

She represented the 26 electron shells of the IRON atom and its 26 atomic English alphabet letters. Thus her atomic identity using the atomic English language KEY symbols:


Iron Lady --> ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics structure

Female --> Fe + male --> the ferrous oxide atomic LINK to the human male 

pronoun she + female SKU11 --> she + number 11 --> shell ...electron shell of brain electron thought structure.


Thus the TALE of 2 Cities --> The TALE of 2 Margarets (Thatcher and Mead)




We have Queen Elizabeth.
Queen --> Que + en --> Queue of  En --> Energy levels 



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What does HMS mean? - HMS Definition - Meaning of HMS ...


The Meaning of HMS. HMS means "Her Majesty's Ship (UK)". So now you know - HMS means "Her Majesty's Ship (UK)" -



Thus we see the ROLE of the Queen of En --> England energy  levels in Nature's Sarte existentialism.  The failure of British and North American scientists to acknowledge the these important roles ...... that is  the periofic atomic table of existence and the  Darwinian selection of humanoid spokespersons ...... Kings and Queens  and Prince and Princess who fail to speak.   The royalty of the periodic atomic table receives myopic advice on these matters .....  because of  university INTELLECTUAL bias.


For example .....


Does OX university acknowledge the existence of OXYGEN Base 16 hexadecimnal atomic mass computer and the  existence of the bio-computer LU = Logical Unit --> LUNG?


Does the University of Man acknowledge the existence of the bio-math life  --> biology = bio log y --> bio logarithms y  and the Y2k problem of year 2000 human  bio-computers. 



Thus we see that OXFORD university and the University of Manchester have forfeited their credentials ..... as they neglect their responsibilities regarding Nature's various social engineering projects.  Those projects require  ROC communications  --> Region of Covergence of many different variables and  factors  .....
the 11-dimesions of string theory,  M-theory, etc.



Thus we have atomic English alphabet of  26 letters  and  the Earth geology/geography English alphabet of Highway 26, Janesville, Wisconsin with elementary grammer school book DICK and Jane ...in Janesville, Wisconsin with Jane Wilde (Hawking) of the Cambridge University communication system. 


Above symbol, Fe --> assigned to Fe managers --> Females and FermiLAB.
Both refuse to help understand  the SCIENCE WAR battles around  the world. 


The Queen and her subjects ...in their supreme arrogance ...refuse to acknowledge these dimensions of the 11-dimemsions of string theory  and the Theory of Eveything..... which includes many things and EVENTS that occur on the surface of EARTH.


Hierarchy problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jump to Braneworld models‎: This theory requires that the fields of the Standard Model are confined ... thickness, and thus to solve the hierarchy problem.

The Higgs mass - Supersymmetric solution - Solution via extra dimensions



The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance


Aug 14, 2011 – What is the Hierarchy Problem? An important feature of nature that puzzles scientists like myself is known as the hierarchy, meaning the vast ...



Thus Nature has shown us ...the true nature of  these citizen institutions ...that selectively ignore important simple, details   that are needed for more  accurate explanataions of social science EVENTS ...specially, the elementary physics shootings at elementary schools   OR the   Isaac Newton gravity school shooting in  the Newton, Connect  geography region of Newtown, Connecticut.      


Universities ougth close until   they fix their myopic nonsense bull-stories,  their apathy and their INTELLECTUAL  neglect in social philosophy.


Graduate students and lawyers  have a great opportunity to clarify these atomic English language problems CAUSED by  the one-way thinking of many citizens.



The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell - Volume 10 - Page 132 - Google Books Result


Bertrand Russell - 2009 - Literary Collections

In all questions of logical analysis, our chief debt is to Frege. ... all other logicians ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; ... I, in collaboration with Alfred North Whitehead, Cambridge University Press, 1910.) 16 INTRODUCTION TO PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA The mathematical logic which ...



Thus year 1910 --> 2010 , 2011, 2012   and the Bristish have had 100 years to think about the problem ....... and have zero answers ..... and refuse to help understand Russell and Whitehead  and the  number 100 component of alpha/numeric  B + 100 + D --> B100D and its symbolic life ..... the messages from year 1910 from Alfred --> red blood cells..... Alfred North White (white blood cells) of Whitehead bio-math and bio-logic, etc.   

Britain has betrayed its own intellectual  heritage  .......  thus we have the modern intellectual  CIRCUS of the British population.




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