The Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the Heisenberg certainty of a shooting gun for elementary school physics principles.



We live in an atomic world.  The Earth geography surface is composed of atoms. Humans are composed of atoms and breath oxygen atomic computer base 16 hexadecimal mass. 


In year 2013, Nature expects humans to understand modern Margaret  Mead  atomic nuclear family law ...... the social science laws and limit laws of the periodic atomic table government of life.  This is not happening.


Nature sends messages to school systems.
They are ignored.
Nature sends the message in attention  getting  tragic FORMAT. 
The message is ignored.

The tragic message is resent to another school.

The message is ignored.  Some simple reasons are printed in the newpapers; while many causal factors are carefully omitted from  the incomplete, biased explanations of the tragic EVENT.


Let's look at a   tragedy  of the Department of Education caused by their  failure to do their homework in basic elementary physics ..... Nature's prerequiste to teaching elementary school atomic particles in bio-physics  CH format  ...that is organic molecule CH = Carbon-Hydrogen CHILD structures.



Let's look at modern theory concepts and Nature's new atomic social engineering control systems.


Werner Heisenberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Werner Karl Heisenberg (5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) was a German theoretical physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932 "for the creation of quantum mechanics". Wikipedia...

Life and career - Honors and awards - Internal reports - Publications



Werner Heisenberg
Born Werner Karl Heisenberg
5 December 1901
Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Died 1 February 1976 (aged 74)
Munich, Bavaria, West Germany
Nationality German
Fields Theoretical Physics
Institutions University of Göttingen
University of Copenhagen
University of Leipzig
University of Berlin
University of Munich
Alma mater University of Munich
Doctoral advisor Arnold Sommerfeld
Other academic advisors

Niels Bohr


Other academic advisors

Other academic advisors

Other academic advisors

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary's principal Dawn Hochsprung

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary's principal Dawn Hochsprung

Remembering ................ Elementary's principal  .......H

Remembering ................ Elementary's principal  .......H

Dec 20, 2012 – CBS News video: Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary's principal Dawn Hochsprung - Sandy Hook's hero principal, who died in the ...






How Stuff Works "Heisenberg Uncertainty  Principle"

How Stuff Works ..............  gun .............. Principle.

How Stuff Works "Hochsprung elementary Principal.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle relates to how we affect a particle we're attempting to measure.

Learn about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.




Uncertainty Principle -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics › ... › Early Quantum Mechanics

Moreover, the better position is known, the less well the momentum is known (and vice versa).
The principle is sometimes known as the Heisenberg uncertainty ...

The principal is sometimes known as the Hoch .......gun  certainty...



Thus we see that humans and human events are subsets embedded within the larger system architecture of Nature  and the EARTH LAB atomic /astrophysics continuum.

GUT = Grand Unified Theory  and TOE = Theory of Everything must consider the Sandy Hook elementary school event as empirical data data to TOE theory ...especially with the data signal coming the geography / quantum state of CONNECT interrupt  CUT = CONNECT i CUT.


Will  Washington, DC allow scientists to study the  Sandy HOOK periodic atomic table .... atomic families  problem?    The message is expected to be ignored.

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