Water molecule expressions in humanoid BRAND NAMES.



Water  molecule expressions in DISPLAY format using humans is a common message  processsng system technique of Nature. 


Let's look at the water molecule signals for universities and the world NAVAL research labs. These water molecule expression signals USE water display devices known as humanoids that are comprised of water molecules.








Water in the Body - ChemCraft/The Dehl Group




Now let's take a closer look at the importance of water in our own bodies. ... The human brain is about 85% water and our bones are between 10 to 15% water.





Nature's water molecule continuum  is one of many dimensions  and existentail sets on EARTH.


Thus the water continuum may be considered a sub-space of mathematical-physics architcture on the geography surface of EARTH.  Humans are like bottled water.  Thus Nature's orginal bottled water was a humanoid in a dermatology package.


Now we have bottled water in glass bottles and plastic bottles.

These  products are marketed and sold thru grocery stores, gasoline stations, etc.
They have BRAND NAMES.


Let's look at super-symmetry physics nirrors and the atomic English language of proper nouns with Nature's 2 famous BRAND Names  of  its humanoid bottled water in dermatology packages.



EARTH LAB display specimen using the water molecule continuum and the double-helix format of expression 


1) Expression 1


Hinckley Springs Bottled Water | Delivery Service


Hinckley Springs is the most popular bottled water provider. Buy bottled water for your home and office. 



2) Expression 2

John Hinckley, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jump to Reagan assassination attempt – On March 30, 1981, at 2:25 p.m. local time, Hinckley shot .... at Reagan ...



The 2nd water molecule DEMO






PERRIER - HOME www.perrier.com/‎


Manufacturer of bottled water for the international market. Company profile, history, events and FAQs.[Requires Flash]




PERRIER - atomic HOME --> FermiLAB‎

PER --> PERU with the water continuum and its

SYMBOL MACHINE expressions and the algebra subset of



P........IER --> in Nature's original bottled water package with a dermatology package .... who originated in influential Galapagos Islands extended region of Peru.





Pier Oddone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Pier Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of ...

His brain water molecule transport system transported him to MIT ....Nature's Mitochondria education center. Then his brain water molecule transport system and his atomic, bio-physics Darwinian water molecule instinct brought him to the St.Charles(DARWIN), Illinois region with a Pier One Imports in Batavia, Illinois ...... or are their 2 Pier one imports in Batavia ..... the mystery of super-symmetry physics and bio-physics.


Definitive Bottled Water Resource contains: water ratings including mineral water, sparkling water and artesian water, taste analysis, reports on health and ..

- Legals - The collection - The spirit of perrier



Perrier - Fine Waters - Bottled Waterwww.finewaters.com › Bottled Water of the World › France‎


Definitive Bottled Water Resource contains: water ratings including mineral water, sparkling water and artesian water, taste analysis, reports on health and ..




Today, Navy Pier is Chicago's number one ........ 


Pier 1 Imports in Batavia, IL - Photos, and FermiLAB Directions



Pier Oddone to retire as Ferrous oxide IRON atom director at Fermilab |

(water molecule) symmetry magazine



www.symmetry magazine.org/.../pier-oddone-to-retire-as-fermilab-direct...‎

Aug 2, 2012 – The Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Board of Directors, which manages and operates Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, announced that ..




(water molecule) symmetry magazine





Thus we see the interesting world of water social science expression VIA the water molecule carrier (with 2 legs) that is a vehicle for water molecule thought behavior.



Fermilab boss unveils financial plan for Tevatron extension

Fermilab .....  s un   veils   cia  plan     for T    ev (energy levels) extension   ..... the secret Inca photon languages of the human optical nerve ..reveal another continuum of Nature.


Hence, the mystery's of Nature's water molecule continuum expression formats and water molecule social engineering languages with the social process control FEEDBACK ERROR SIGNALS in tragic display format to get the message printed in newspapers to get the attention of EVENT analysts.