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                                               Timbuktu – TWO Africa
↓ Base TWO
                                                  buffer k
                                              Time buffer k

                                                 Computer EARTH
             Modern  space/time  geology structures of galactic PLAN  Earth
                                Year 2010  Geography  data processing MAP


Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (planet Earth)  is an interesting place.    Astrophysics, astronomy, and computer science have given us a new perspective of modes/FORMATS of existence on EARTH …….…that affect our daily lives  and daily events. The astrophysics EVENT HORIZON  allows us to study  accidents, crime, casualty EVENTS  from a new point of view:  often providing  more accurate and detailed information on the PROMORDIAL source  of crime in a community.  Here we will cover   the   geology/geography   à SURFACE   space/location TIME MAP.

For more details on  the FACE of  TIME  …read  the words and see  a Stephen Hawking picture.

For more information travel to California, the BIG SUR  geography region  with the book: Black Holes and Time Warps   and  look for a  CALTECH   SUR.face    area of TIME  à Time  AGENT  PST =   Pacific  Standard  TIME and  the WEST Coast  BIG SUR ---> the big   SUR.RENDER  in the astrophysics WAR  on planet EARTH.

Time  warrior AGENT  PST  ..has not reported to the INTELLECTUAL WAR command ….his Earth identifier is             ki.   PST  .horne    …..but for Caltech Physics practical administrative  purposes
his name is             kip    S.   Thorne   ………..but as an undercover astrophysics agent he has been hypnotized to      Skip   Town.



His  internal brain has been subject to very subtle manipulation  method since President Jimmy Carter  in  1979  revealed the secrets of PEANUTs  …… and  the comic strip  with Linus (Pauling), and  brand name  SKIPPY Peanut butter.      Inside the Feynman professors brain is a symbolic computer  …whose buttons can be pushed. I know, I was in an intellectual social science induced coma  until  1998…when I realized that BRAVE NEW WORLD was here….and I slowly awoke .. thru efforts  to think clearly  ….. and with the help of math and science textbooks..  






TIME …… I have written several papers  on EARTH Space/Time  and  human EVENTS. 
Also I have a BLOG  that covers the  TIME MACHINE project from   1895  ..by H.G.WELLS  and a BLOG title on Pacific Standard Time.




Additional factors:

TimBuktu  à spell by sound =   Tim   buck  TWO  = as in the base 16 HEXadecimal financial
                        of COMPUTER EARTH    HEX”Fe’ = 254 = Federal Reserve Bank  of MOTHER
                        NATURE. Thus Thorne as a Vase 16 X’Fe' = 254 level  biological  Fe.ynman 

                        structure  of MOTHER  NATURE has  a destiny  …  yet to be  understood  by                                 himself and  Caltech .... the past verb tense existentialism  of Pasadena.
                        Thus IBM BASE 2 Binary …..the Tale of TWO CITIES …and the $2 Dollar bill  and
                         Galileo book year 1632
à Two Chief  World Systems …convey some message
                        about the structure of space /time     and    symbolic life/ expressions.

Timbuktu , year 1100 AD is a trading town in WEST Africa at the southern edge  of the Sahara desert.  Today, Timbuktu is in the country of Mali   next to  Algeria and Mauritania.

When we look at COMPUTER EARTH…geography  time map  and various geography computer areas we have a list.  A few components of the TIME MACHINE  of COMPUTER  EARTH   as an aspect of the larger gestalt MOTHER NATURE are:

Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE words and their algebra subset codes.



TimbukTu  à Tim  + Bu  K      tu àtime universe
                           Time buffer K  (data record buffers)

à symbolic location for EARTH    componentsà botany alge   +  math  algebra

year 1100
à can be viewed as a binary year 1100  inside the  HEAD/cortex à hence giving the                                                   perceptionà   1100  AD.
                       thus we can distinguish been internal brain time zones,etc     and the standard  external frame of references to Time/years/etc.



Timbuktu  à Time buck à bucktown area, Chicago, 2244 West Charleston
                        North Avenue, Wicker Park  area + Armitage/Damen

                      + 2024  N. Winchester (20/20  optical nerve  photon computer with 24 Hours  conversion Base 24  
à Base 16 hexadecimal hours of AWAKE oxygen  atomic computer 16 à LUNG spoken nouns/word quality of MOUTH output à edit for the quality of  nonsense bull-story  bragg talk




Base 16 Hex’A’=10 à Hex’F’= 15  à AF.rican    physics class for  state of Illinois and  A                 F = FermiLAB   and Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear anthropology voodoo.       A = Argonne National Labs  ..and  advanced  physics theater.     Atomic brain particles and their social, economic expressions in Chicago area.


Egypt  à  E  + Gy +pT à E=mc2      + Gravity  pointer   messages for WEST POINT à point to the  West Road astrophysics military analyst new reports…….      Gy= Gypsy Road  ...  Watertown,    Wisconsin.

à advanced Library of Congress book reports on  the importance of intellectual integrity  and awareness….and respect for the WORD of HONOR  ..  symbol life:  nouns/verbs, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, computer flowcharts, etc




Continent of ASIA
à buffer Map   AS=Astrophysics experiments  in  geography of Asia.

Tibet = Time Base ethics
à the Nitrogen atomic LUNG agent 14th  Dalai Lama does not  recognize  the existence of the periodic atomic table of life and does not recognize the BOTANY nitrogen cycle.  The University of Wisconsin is a host to the Dalai Lama, the university denies the existence of any LINK between nitrogen, the nitrogen cycle and the 14th Dalai Lama.  The em = electromagntic LIFE FORMS  ..... the university
em = employee professors  won't tell him he has LUNGS that vreathe air comprised of nitrogen and oxygen.  EM life forms use the human body/brain as am operating  platform for their Hollywood EM versions of existence. 

Afghanistan  atomic computer WAR.

Base 16  HEX “A’=10
à Hex’F’=15  à         the U.S.Army battles in COMPUTER EARTH region of  A F à AF.ghani.   STAN         and the  intellectual physics coma  war  at
A=Argonne  Natl Labs  and  F = FermiLAB  + STANDARD model physics.


Europe data processing LAND regions  and other areas are:
IBM    BAL = Basic assembler Lanaguages  of COMPUTER EARTH at:
           BAL.TIC  Sea
           BAL.Kan   Peninsula

city of BAL
à brain experiments with the citizens of BAL.Timore, Maryland, North America.

Thus  BAL.TIM.ore    has a   LINK to  WEST Africa

à Tibet


Thus we have a TIME MAP….a  dynamic  TIME MACHINE of Computer EARTH  that affects our biological clock and our brain computer.  Billions of people failed to upgrade their  cortex bio-computer with the Y2K  fix   ….of the MOTHER Nature  year 2000  NEW   biological clock  standard LAW   THAT AFFECTED ALL time zones AND ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN THE Time Zones.



AGENT  PST  is  one such  Fe=Ferrous oxide HEMOGLOBIN protein  in  Fe= Feynman CALTECH format  …his biological clock … …his Base 16 hexadecimal processors  need attention  à since he is a TIME LORD  for Pacific  Standard Time   component of the                                                   Standard model physics  for that region of periodic atomic table atomic clocks

For example .....  C=carbon  at=    organic chemistry religious expression would be a C.at 
è Catholic.     Thus a Catholic on Sunday  going to religious MASS  …is  curious about what format of   ATOMIC PHYSICS ..… MASS.


Lets seeà we have  proton mass.
                    we have  neutron mass
                    we have electron mass
What kind of Particle is religious MASS ?    


The 13 dead at Fort  Hood Texas  are an  expression of   Y2k biological clock TIME ERRORS .

The   Central  Standard Time ZONE  and the
         Standard Model physics  and the
          Central Processing Unit system 370 IBM  OS/JCL  main frame AMERICA and the
          Central Nervous System 370 internal brain  social engineering computer

….all influence one another….in modern evolution …of  intelligent, fully integrated, cybernetic thinkers.


The symbolic cortex computer uses the atomic alphabet of  26 letters of the 26 protons of ferrous oxide atom …via the  Hemoglobin iron protein…as already mentioned in the Feynman brain experiment specimen of  THORNE.   


I don’t know if Thorne is  linked to the atomic English alphabet … most people have obstacles that   distort   the   Margaret Mead  atomic nuclear family ... social anthropology languages.


Anyhow,   FORT HOOD.   The 13 dead  is some MOTHER Nature  SIGNAL about the atomic language and failure of  universities to understand this communication process.


Alphabet  A à M ..... 13 symbols of the living language

              N à  Z  next 13 letters of  SYMBOL MACHINE  life


There is some relationship  that can be studied in the future …..year 1776 à 13 colonies.


13 columns  à better viewed as 2 columns 13 rows of Time  architecture.


the 3rd letter varies....


row 1 -   Tiae   --> unknown

row 2  -  Tibe  
à pointer to Tibet  TENZIN Gyatso à Gy= Gravity agent 14th Dalai Lama whose Buddhist staff does not recognize existence of bio-physics life

row 3  -  Tice 
à the Tic/Tac /TOE   physics game  of    X and O   àTheory of EVERYTHING

row 4 -   Tide
à  wave mechanics ….. Pacific Ocean and CALTECH social engineering ERRORS along with the TIDE of the Thames River at LONDON.    Tide extensions  à DNA nucleotide  and Time idea

Row 12 – Tile 
à as in gentile religious brains  with genetic tiles / math tables /matrix genes

Row 13 – Time
à boundary Line




Row  1  -  Tine  à Time next  ….section

Row 2   -  Tioe 
à Time order entry  +  Tio = Transaction input/output  
                                                                      Tio = Terminal input/output



Row 3   - Tipe

Row 4  -  Tiqe  à Time queue
Row 5  -  Tire 
à vulcanization of rubber with Star Trek/VULCAN  DR.Spock symbolism.


Tire à entire functions of complex   social   mathematical   life
à Time region
à Time register ….base register COMPUTER EARTHàTime Machine


Row 13 – Tize  à Time z atomic number of electrons 


Thus we have a few pieces of a large  TIME  puzzle…………and the role of biological TIME agents in expressing TIME equations / theoretical ideas / .. and others doing empirical  research  into the TIME WAR  on planet EARTH.


Thus we have the book clue:

 Black  Holes   and  Time WARPS ?   
. replacing question  symbol ? with Tà                                       
à which gives the asthrophysics SIGNAL .. WAR  PST                       à

                                  WAR  Pacific Standard Time.


Good  LUCK      to  CALTECH  in their intellectual battle   in  the  BRAVE NEW WORLD.



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