Z-paper ---> City of Baltimore SYMBOL MACHINE medical report

From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE of nouns, verbs,  algebra subset words, the atomic English language, bio-computer systems, etc  help us understand the Baltimore  and the secrets of Nature's agent David Baltimore.


Let's translate some messages.

Thus we see Nature's chain of command with the Earth iron core --> human cortex SYMBOL processor of the 26 letters of the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide IRON atom.  Thus we see some of the the data processing information  LINKS of Computer Earth systems.

3270 field attributes --> Attention Identifiers and the modern human brain bio-computer


As noted above, the field attributes byte holds the protection, modification and display intensity attributes of a field. Your choices for each of these attributes are described here using the terms that BMS uses in defining formats. If you use terminal control commands, you need to set the corresponding bits in the attributes byte to reflect the value you choose.


(See the IBM® 3270 Information Display (human age 32 thru age 70) System Data Stream Programmer’s Reference manual


Modification ..MDT


The second item of information in the field attributes byte occupies only a single bit, called the modified data tag or MDT. The MDT indicates whether the field has been modified or not. The hardware turns on this bit automatically whenever the operator makes any change to the field contents. The MDT bit is very important because, for the read command that CICS normally uses, it determines whether the field is included in the inbound data or not. If the bit is on (that is, the field was changed), the 3270 sends the field; if not, the field is not sent.



Intensity (adpated got human SYMBOL processors)


The third characteristic stored in the attributes byte is the display intensity of the field. There are three mutually exclusive choices:


Normal intensity

The field is displayed at normal brightness for the device.


Bright ( see bio-computer Madeleine AlBRIGHT)

The field is displayed at higher than normal intensity, so that it appears highlighted.



The field is not displayed at all. The field may contain data in the buffer, and the operator can key into it (provided it is not protected or autoskip), but the data is not visible on the screen.

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