Z-paper-471 --> bio-math warrior Joan of ARC and the arc (sin)

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Z-paper 471 on bio-math military  agents and their external behavior  and actions for mathematics



The trigonometry arcsin() function - inverse sine - math word definition



Definition of the arcsin function in trigonometry. The inverse of the sine function. The angle whose sine is a given number. 







Joan of Arc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc, IPA: [ʒan daʁk]; ca. 1412 – 30 May 1431), nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans" (French: La Pucelle d'Orléans), is a folk heroine ...

‎Trial of Joan of Arc - ‎Heresy - ‎Alternative historical ... - ‎Burgundian


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Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc,[4] IPA: [ʒan daʁk]; ca. 1412[5] – 30 May 1431), nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans" (French: La Pucelle d'Orléans), is a folk heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint. She was born to a peasant family in north-east France. Joan said she had received visions from God instructing her to support Charles VII and recover France from English domination late in the Hundred Years' War. The uncrowned King Charles VII sent her to the siege of Orléans as part of a relief mission. She gained prominence after the siege was lifted in only nine days. Several additional swift victories led to Charles VII's coronation at Reims. On 23 May 1430 she was captured at Compiegne by the English-allied Burgundian faction and transferred to the English, put on trial by the pro-English Bishop of Beauvais Pierre Cauchon on a variety of charges,[6] and was burned at the stake for mathematics heresy when she was about 19 years old.








The usual principal values of the arcsin(x) function graphed on the cartesian plane.
Arcsin is the inverse of sin.







M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime are identified as 7 higher-dimensions plus the 4 common ...



EARTHLY  Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes, Time ...


Michio Kaku - 1994 - ‎Science

It came as a shock, therefore, when a new symmetry, called supersymmetry, was discovered, that did exactly that. Equations that are supersymmetric allow the ...




Thus we see the British religious concept of sin in their  string theory dimension of existence   ... and their  conflict with the inverse dimension representative Joan Of ARC (sin).



Inverse trig functions: arcsin - Khan Academy


Khan Academy

by Salman Khan - in 10,464 Google+ circles

Introduction to the inverse trig function arcsin. ... http://www.khanacademy.org/math/trigonometry/v/the-unit-circle-definition-of-trigonometric-function. 




Thus we see .....  the activities of bio-math   geo-math agent JOAN of ARC (sin)   in her  military travels  on the trigonometry math geography surface of EARTH   .....  her math excursions  from her math domains in FRANCE and the range of her mathematical military expressions   .....  provides modern researchers  in year 2014  ... with some type of MAP about the mathematical-physics properties of the geography surface of EARTH and its intercation with bio-math humanoid messenger structures.


Mathematics and trigonometry  battlefields 



Timeline of Joan of Arc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



January 6: Joan of Arc is born to Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle Romée in ... The English field army is destroyed at the Battle of Formigny and the English are ...




The English field army is destroyed at the Battle of Formigny and the English are ...


The English data field army is destroyed at the Battle of Format  on COMPUTER EARTH  ... and the English are ...





Thus we see some CLUES about  Sartre  existentialism and the  earthly dimesnions of string theory.

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