Z-paper-569 --> Brownian motion language --> Brown VS the Board of Education

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser


Z-paper-569 looks at Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE words and langauges .... and the secret subset languages that areb sometimes  embedded within regular language ..... placed there by the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness  of the GROUP MIND    ....  messages that may rise to a level of  visible consciousness  using  algebra subset analysis with the Theory of Everything (in society).    Such special subset languages can be upsetting to some people; but, they are Nature's REALITY warning signals. 


Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE and its word commands upon the human bio-computer symbol processor.


The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.


We are reminded of ......


Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ...

books.google.com › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...


Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages


Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel



Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds. First,  




     Korzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder. By Steve Stockdale. This paper was inspired by, and is addressed to, Andrea Johnson's ...

Abstraction Ladder - Rijnlandmodel





GENERAL SEMANTICS & RHINELAND MODEL ... abstractions and their relations is originated by Alfred Korzybski in his book Science and Sanity. ... Hayakawa's version starts with a real live animal, Bessie the cow. ... collected by Hayakawa in his archetypal version of the abstraction ladder, see the illustration alongside.











Let's look Z-paper 569   and some direct and abrupt word messages that are with regular ENGLISH langauge phrases.

Remember we are human bio-computer processors .....  and Nature's  digestive system organized a publishing business organization named the  READER's Digest magazine  that has stories about the influence of the INTERNAL disgestive system intellect upon EXTERNAL human activities.   Thus the good magazine provides "Food for thought" ... for serious thinkers.



Search Results


Online Library of Liberty - CHAPTER IV.: THE CORRESPONDENCE ...


Liberty Fund

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.


§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer


by Herbert Spencer ... in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more of that abridged and less specific formula, in which Life is said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations. (§7 ¶1).




Brownian motion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Brownian motion or pedesis (from Greek: πήδησις Pɛɖeːsɪs "leaping") is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid (a liquid or a gas) resulting from ...

‎Wiener process - ‎Random walk - ‎Particle - ‎Robert Brown



Brownian Motion deomonstration - American Institute of Physics


American Institute of Phys...

Brownian Motion. This simple demonstration of Einstein's explanation for Brownian motion shows little particles batting about a more massive one, and what it ...


Einstein's EARTH LAB demo  in Europe ... of social engineering Brownian motion .... used humans as super-sysmmetry DEMO particles .....


Brown shirts - definition of Brown shirts by the Free Online Dictionary ...



Noun, 1. Sturmabteilung - Nazi militia created by Hitler in 1921 that helped him to power but was eclipsed by the SS after 1943. SA, Storm Troops.




Let's look at some more language CLUES about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE puzzle  ....
a few clues proved by Z-paper 569.   This paper gives you a starting point .... you can upgrade the primitive concepts that I have outlined.

College student and professors have an opportunity to fill the information RD VOID in this area of  Nature's language  


Language words and pictures are used to control the huamn brain computer.

Television broadcasts and television advertsing send out words, sounds, and picture to the human audience .... and are quite sucessful in their manipulation techniques.  These  methods are approved by universities and the Federal Communications Commission and other governemnt agencies, but are NOT approved by Nature's brain system engineers.


Thus we see the langauge and communications WAR casualties in the United States.  The WORD battle signals -->


English --> Virginai TECH English department  ERRORS in brain engineering and the battle at Norris engineering building


Library --> Columbine High School LIBRARY shooting in Jefferson County, Colorado


READ --> Fort HOOD and the Soldier READ Center shooting


George Orwell OCEANIA -->  The Northern Illinois University propaganda battle .... the shooting at Cole Hall oceanography classroom  


Century 16 theater Auroura Colorado --> the Base 16 hexadecimal shooting  in the human bio-computer THEATER of WAR.




These are serious matters ........    that require serious thinking.  The strong words mentioned above ... are there to provoke your mind ..... into the realization that a LANGUAGE WAR exists in the UNITED STATES with real deaths ...... and newspapers  print incomplete explanations about those tragic EVENTS.  

It is your job ... as a newspaper reader to complete the analysis of the deeper levels of REALITY that may underlie some tragic signaling EVENT.  Your analysis is then FEEDBACK to the newspaper reporters ..so they may enhance the public explanation of the more TRUE NATURE of the happening.


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