Z-paper-947 --> World Data Exponents ... a new level of existence

From the Z-paper series  by Herb Zinser


Z-paper 947 uses the SYMBOL MACHINE words, languages, equations, etc  ...  to try to understand the CRYPTIC  wrintings of newpspaer reporters ... who do not explain the deeper  levels of REALITY that may underlie some EVENTS.

Thus some news articles are like puzzles  .... we are given an accurate  surface veneer descrition of an EVENT ... leaving the remainder of the explanation up to the reader  and his math and science textbooks  that are part of his home amateur detective RESEARCH  library ....  a modern day Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Piorot.

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Jump to Computer science - [edit]. Two to the power of n, written as 2n, is the number of ways the bits in a binary word of length n can be arranged. As an unsigned ...

‎Expressions and notations - ‎Computer science - ‎Mersenne primes


Power of two --> the real TRUTH about  World WAR 2 and the axis powers  --> geometry axis and math powers




How Does a Compass Work? | LiveScience



Jul 28, 2010 - A compass needle aligns itself and points toward the top of Earth's magnetic field, giving explorers and lost souls a consistent sense of direction ...


 a consistent sense of direction ..

 a consistent sense of direction ..

 a ferrous oxide iron atom  HEME group Fe(ii) consistent sense of direction .. for biochemistry students 






molecular compass  





Chicago-Polish people and their POLE heritage --> and the NORTH Pole  WAR signal from Northern Illinois University in the DeKalb ..... COLE HALL shooting with magnetic POLE messenger POLE heritage ... Steve Kazmierczak.



Thus we see applied mathematics expression associations in Madison  that the University of Wisconsin ignores.


The exponent level of  a symbol  ...is like a 2nd level of existence.


Thus we have  42nd street in Manhattan ...known as Times Square  --> better known to phyics and astrophysics researchers into the properties of earthly SPACE/ TIME    as  --> Time exponent 2   and Time Level 2.


Thus English word --> LITERATURE  has symbol  T   that can have an exponent per the expression laws of T squared.


Thus we see  UW, Madison, Wisconsin and its secrets and puzzles.

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