Z-paper-165 --> Dr.WHO secret codes in Logopolis paperback.

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser.


Z-paper 165 use Nature's SYMBOL MACHINe words, languages, proper nouns, equations, and concepts to understand the CRYPTIC writings of newspaper reporters, editors and publishers,  and book authors. 

Above, we see CLUES to the living lanaguge and the living Consitution of the United States   ....  modern social engineering laws of the right traingle LEG --> Leg + algebra of right triangle --> Leg + al --> Legal systems  

Thus we have the ST.Paul (Dirac) communications bridge  WAR with the universties in North America.


Paul Dirac
Dirac 4.jpg

Born Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

8 August 1902

Bristol, England


Died 20 October 1984 (aged 82)

Tallahassee, Florida, USA


United Kingdom

Nationality Switzerland (1902–19)

United Kingdom (1919–84)


Fields Physics (theoretical)


University of Cambridge

University of Miami

Florida State University



The explanations about the BRIDGE collapse are incomplete given the available knowledge in college math and science textbooks in year 2014.




Known for


Dirac equation

Dirac comb

Dirac delta function

Fermi–Dirac statistics

Fermi–Dirac integral

Complete Fermi–Dirac integral

Dirac sea

Dirac bracket

Dirac spinor

Dirac picture

Dirac measure

Dirac monopole

Dirac notation

Dirac adjoint

Dirac large numbers hypothesis

Dirac fermion

Dirac field

Dirac spectrum

Dirac string

Dirac algebra

Dirac matrices

Dirac operator

Dirac constant

Dirac's theorem on Hamiltonian cycles

Dirac's theorem on chordal graphs

Dirac's theorem on cycles in k-connected graphs

Kapitsa–Dirac effect

Dirac–von Neumann axioms

Abraham–Lorentz–Dirac force

Dirac-Coulomb-Breit Equation

Einstein–Maxwell–Dirac equations

Canonical quantisation

Canonical quantum gravity

Exchange interaction

First class constraint

Mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics

Negative probability

Path integral formulation

Primary constraint

Quantum description of the double-slit experiment

Quantum electrodynamics

Spin magnetic moment

Virtual particle

Notable awards Nobel Prize in Physics (1933)

Copley Medal (1952)

Max Planck Medal (1952)

Fellow of the Royal Society (1930)[1]


Thus we see your need to translate the books that you read. Concentrate on the major things thta you recognize ... based on your work experience or personal hobbies, etc.


For example, an automobile mechanic would recognize  some key words that may corrleaten to some major newspaper events.

A biology lab researcher would have different frame of reference ...and ought look for CLUES in the paperback book ... related to biology.


Thus my writing is just one VIEW  ... one example of the several secret lanaguge that may be embedded within one book.

How to these messages get there?   They are sent up from the carl Jung collective unconsciousness (the community GROUP MIND) to the brain of the author ...where his conscious thoughts are automatically merged in with the FEW unconscious  messages producing an output data stream that is sent to his arm writing muscles for placement on cellulose paper using black ink symbols.


The author may or may NOT be aware of some of the hidden messages of Nature's systems.
Since Nature provides the author with food, water, oxygen, and shelter he is expected to automatically participate in this process ...as are all human citizens.

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