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     This Z-paper 286 by Herb Zinser   uses Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE words, languages, proper nouns, equations, and concepts to understand the CRYPTIC writings of newspaper reporters, editors and publishers,  and book authors.  


The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.


We are reminded of ...... 

Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ...

books.google.com › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ... .... Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.


Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities of the geography surface of EARTH. 





Let's look at some proper nouns and other words that provide CLUES to Nature's message processing system ... with possible messages for  people that are interested in CRYPTIC situations. 

Thus we use the above FERMILB pond to  ponder ..to think about ICE and the ice sakers that provide information about the  continuum components --> the  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and the EARTHLY astrophysics family.



We have 3 names  in the SYMBOL MACHINE database  --> Dorothy Hamill, Tanya Harding, and Nancy Kerrigan 


Articles about Dorothy Hamill - Sun Sentinel

articles.sun-sentinel.com › Collections‎


Dorothy Hamill News. ... Dorothy Hamill said she couldn't pass up the chance. ... Indeed, the infamous Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident is never ...


in other words ...... 


SUN sentinel --> Solar system ---> sun sent --> messages 


Nancy Kerrigan -->  Kerr message about the  Stillwater (ice crystal latice) affair in Oklahoma ..


Kerr-McGee — The Life and Mysterious Death of Karen ...


Controversial nuclear safety whistleblower Silkwood died before she had her day in court. An examination of her life, the case and her suspicious death.



Nancy Kerrigan -->  Kerr message about EARTH .....


Astrophysical violations of the Kerr bound as a possible ...



Jun 19, 2007 - Publication » Astrophysical violations of the Kerr bound as a possible signature of string theory. ... Physics Letters B (Impact Factor: 4.57).


(Impact Factor: 4.57).

(Impact Factor: 4.57).

(Impact Factor: 4.57).



Thus  ....in summary ..we are trying to say  the  Nature's information source domain contains math equations, nouns, verbs, concepts, etc.  that  we call the SYMBOL MACHINE, symbol life,  or the living language.



Thoughts and decisions in the source domain sometiems get mapped to the physical biology RANGE ....the  information display region using humans and others ...that DEMO the conflicts in the source domain.








Dorothy Hamill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Dorothy Stuart Hamill (born July 26, 1956) is an American figure skater. She is the ..... Gracie Gold. *Originally awarded to Tonya Harding, but later stripped.


(born July 26, 1956

(born July 26, 1956

(born July 26, 1956

(Max Born  signal  July 26, 19 ....56

(born   26,  56)


Iron-56 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Iron-56 (56Fe) is the most common isotope of iron. About 91.754% of all iron is iron-56. Of all isotopes, iron-56 has the lowest mass per nucleon. With 8.8 MeV ...




Thus we see the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family message to the FermiLAB water molecule continuum POND ...  PONDER  ...  about atomic mass and mass communications system PROBLEMS.







Academics - Journalism and (atomic) Mass Communications


he NMSU Department of Journalism and Mass Communications offers bachelor's ... in editing and graphic design, electronic communication (television and radio ... in mass media, including print, broadcasting, advertising, public relations and ...




Department of (proton) Mass Media | Briar Cliff University


Briar Cliff University

The faculty in the department are aware of the skills, which those in the businesses of radio, television, print, public relations, photography, advertising, graphic ...




Thus we see that  physics and engineering books  ..with the Hamilitonian   math CONCEPTs ...  can pentrate the James Joyce data stream of consciosuness and the CARL JUNG collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND  ...... and thus become a factor in EVENTS.



Thus Dorothy Hamil  
(ice skating on the EARTH geography water surface with the EARTH iron core identifier 26 IRON 56)
 LINK to  CHICAGO region information highway code 56  and street code 56.


CHICAGO --> CH = Carbon hydrogen molecule --> organic molecule continuum CITY ...represented by the geography city of CH = Chicago.

Above, the IRON 56  atomic street code.



Dorothy Hamil --> Ham + mil ---> General  HAM military officer for the math/engineering equations and the water molecule continuum and the ICE crystal lattice.


GEN Carter F.Ham 2011.jpg






Carter Ham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Carter F. Ham (born February 16, 1952) is a retired United States Army general, who served as the second Commander, U.S. Africa Command. In that position ...

‎Early life and education - ‎Career - ‎Dates of rank - ‎Major duty assignments




(born February 16, 1952)

(born February 16, 1952)

(Max Born Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic calender --> February 16, 1952 --> 52 weeks per year signal)



Thus we see the EARTH's iron core and the NORTH POLE magnetic data field  ..system LINKS between Hamil and Ham military  .... both people being born with atomic Ferrous oxide symbol and numeric identifiers. 



Thus we see an EARTH language that links to humanoids. That and the SYMBOL MACHINE  ...and the water molecule ..... provide clues about the  TRUE NATURE of Nature's information   networks   .... as being studied by information string theory physics AND puppet string theory physics.   Puppet string theory is used for thought control  of college graduates and university graduate students.



Welcome to year 2014 and  the social psychology wars.

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