Z-paper-1264 --> The Janet Reno atomic brain

Z-paper-1064 by Herb Zinser uses Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE to help undestand events that are reported in newspapers.

Above, the symbols and codes of the
book title --> BRAVE New World  .... algebra subset letters...

........tit........bra............world .... messages for serious thinkers.

The world SYMBOL MACHINE language wars are being fought in IRAQ.


The fertility clinic policy ERRORS --> transformed to physical conflict --> Fertile Crescent



Pregnancy and baby policy ERRORS --> INTELLECT  baby conflict transformed to physical war in Baby geography region of Babylon.



Woman: An Intimate Geography - Salon.com



Apr 5, 1999 - In “Woman: An Intimate Geography,” she argues that women's ... And her book provides the analysis and the ammunition with which to do just ...

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