Nikola Tesla copper city equation explained by Salvador Dali and others

Rd-blog-number-4037 by Herb Zinser uses  the concepts of M-theory and string theory physics to understand the messages and clues of Nikoli Tesla, Picasso, Salvador  Dali and many others.  

String Theory - Crystalinks

String Theory predicts the existence of more than the 3 space

dimensions and 1 time ... of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime are

identified as 7 higher-dimensions plus the 4 common


Now, let's look at the Carl Jung periodic atomic table collective and its collective thoughts ... that exist at various levels .... from the electron  collective unconsciousness to the electrons subliminal mind ..the electron subconsciousness and  for some people in physics and chemistry ... an electron consciousness.  Thus the electron existential continuum has many levels of awareness with many types of human interface agents.

WE are interested in Nikoli Tesla and others  ...regarding his EARTH wave model   and the city that is contained within the word electricity.  

The city  ... a subset of copper wire electricity is of interest. What are its thoughts and formats of INTELLECTUAL expression?

English literature provides some clues ....

Book --> Tale of 2 Cities ...implies EARTH geography city (1)    and another format city (2) 

Book --> David Copperfield  suggests some relationship between bio-physics humans in the vicinity of a copepr wire electric circuit.

Next, we consider Nikoli Tesla and his invention  of the AC electric motor.

Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian American[2][3][4][5] inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla for a short time as a consultant. His work in the formative years of electric power development was also involved in the corporate struggle between making alternating current or direct current the power transmission standard, referred to as the war of currents.

Terrestrial stationary waves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


It was considered by Nikola Tesla to be his most

important discovery. ... The

Schumann Resonance is a set of terrestrial stationary waves in the extremely low ...

Nikola Tesla Institute - Earth Resonance Project

Next, we consider the SYMBOL MACHINE  word clues provided by  Paul Cezanne and  Pablo Picasso .... in addition...his cubism messages ...about various dimension  and views.

Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) .... and his analytical approach to nature influenced the art of Cubists,

Pablo Picasso's Cubism Period

Analytical Cubism is one of the two major branches of the artistic movement of Cubism and was developed between 1908 and 1912. In contrast to Synthetic ...

two major branches of the artistic movement of Cubism

two major branches of the artistic movement of Cubism

two major branches of the artistic movement of Cu = Copper atomic symbol

two --> implies 2 copper wires such as used in an electric wire

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online


the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

Above, the  SYMBOL..CONCEPT like people/ existential entities that live in the city of electricity.

Notice, the 3 paintings have common denominator  ..... the copper tone color  is the important signal  .. in addition to the abstract style of the paintings ...... that LINK into the abstract mathematical-physical engineering equations used by electrical engineer Nikola Tesla ...who lived within the EARTH's electron continuum.

What is Cubism?
How did it become such a controversial movement?

Cubism --> Cu with copper atomic number 29


What is Cubism?  --> An expression of the periodic atomic table  element Cu  and copper wire strings ...and string theory messages
How did it become such a controversial (electron message) movement?

Thus we see Nature's message system and the variety of  information formats used by Nature.

Salvador Dali provides the next series of clues around year 1929 -->  29 --> Cu = copper atomic number 29 and its famous WALL STREET stock market crash of 1929 ..... electric current and financial currency ..... super-symmetry existential physics MIRRORS   .... Nature's parallel processing regions /dimensions.

Above, we see the Salvador  Dali subconsciousness  VIEW of the people in the electron  city of electricity
and electron movement --> current.   Hence, the people that energize the bicycles are all similar, all in movement, and going thru some channel like path.

The First Days of Spring (1929) - Wikipedia


The First Days of Spring (1929) is a painting by the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. This is probably the most famous example of Dalí's early surrealist work.

Hence, we see that Dali is provide some communications bridge VIA via painting ......he is SPANNING between  NATURE"s different dimensions and their different formats ........  as mentioned by M-theory and string theory. 

Above, is the famous electrical engineering  Cu code  ....  used for Cu social engineering.

Translation of the copper-tone colors .... and   bio-math x-rated algebra picture  ..coverted to a word --> CUNT.


CUNT =   Cu  + N T --> Cu + Nikola Tesla  --> Copper Nikola Tesla,

Thus we see the life and language used within the city of electricity.

In year 1930 ..the above copper-tone painting reinforced the CUNT social engineering  equation.

Who is the CUNT?

Aside from the rare but normal usage in male daily society  ...we have the concepts of MOTHER EARTH, MOTHER NATURE, and MOTHER HEN.

Now, let's move forward the Nikola Tesla wars  and Hertzinian wave wars in in  Yugoslavia in year 1992 thru 1998.

The background ...... 

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July (O.S. 28 June) 1856 to Serbian parents in the village of Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia).[14][15] His father, Milutin Tesla, was an Orthodox priest.[5] Tesla's mother, Đuka Tesla (née Mandić), whose father was also an Orthodox priest,

The Nikola Tesla EARTH resonance wave wars in the Yugoslavian region of his birth and upbringing.

Yugoslav Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


3.1 Ten-Day War (1991); 3.2 Croatian War of Independence (1991–95); 3.3 Bosnian War (1992–95); 3.4 Kosovo War (1998–99); 3.5 Insurgency in the Preševo ...

‎Croatian War of Independence - ‎Ten-Day War - ‎NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

Croatian War of Independence regarding the electron continuum of Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free ...


Croatia wished to leave Yugoslavia and become a sovereign country, while many ... Sirmium (UNTAES) zone was peacefully reintegrated into Croatia by 1998. ... 3.2 1992: Ceasefire; 3.3 1993: Croatian military advances; 3.4 1994: Erosion of ...

‎Republic of Serbian Krajina - ‎Operation Storm - ‎Franjo Tuđman - ‎Water tower

The HERTZ em  wave war was played out .............

Yugoslav Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In 1992, conflict engulfed Bosnia and Herzegovina. The war was predominantly ... Armed clashes between two sides broke out in early 1998. A NATO-facilitated ...

‎Croatian War of Independence - ‎Ten-Day War - ‎NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

Thus we see the EARTH electron science war and the Electro-Magnetic field wars played out in Yugoslavia.

The Solar System EM war involved the  photosynthesis battle at Virginia TECH using Mr.CHO to represent the molecule .. shown below.